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About Us
Action Your Passion. That's pretty much what gayxi is all about. Well, not quite, there's more. Our philosophy is to inspire people to explore the world, have exciting adventures and share it all with other cool people like yourself on Though we quickly figured that such a long philosophy wasn't going to fit above our logo. So "Action Your Passion" it is.
So how does it work?
Well, gayxi has two main play areas. First, there's the social network area where you can add your usual profile details, called a passport at Registered members log in to check and send messages, search passports and photos of other members, add videos, add travel plans and discover whose visited their passport. Pretty much what you're used to on other social networks. The difference is in our customer focus, our "labour of love" attitude and our determination to give you an exciting place to meet like-minded people. And if we get the mixture right, you'll find yourself some inspiration. Heck, it will find you!

Second, there are our gay city guides. These contain a selection of the hottest hotels, sights, bars and clubs etc to kick-start your next city trip. Sure, we don't list every place, but we do make sure that you can add and share your tips, recommendations and reviews. The truth is, the gay city guides are actually a lot of work to research, create and update, so we're a little critical of what gets added and what gets left out. But don't just take our word for it, check out the member reviews of your selected gay guide venue. Members write reviews from their personal experiences. Often candid, blunt and honest. The way we like it.

Why the name Gayxi?

The XI bit stands for Xtra-Inspiration. We reckon that there are a lot of inspirational places and people out there and we want to give them all a good home at We also want world peace :-)
Our vision:
Create the biggest travel site for international gay travellers.
Our mission:
1) Enable gay travellers to connect with local gay guys.
2) Provide members the means to share travel tips and experiences.
3) Develop tools give members the information they want.
4) Create clear website content which members need.
5) Be a positive influence in the gay community.

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